Design, distribute, revitalize, enjoy, emphasize all these functions and states describe what the interior decoration is, and the interior designer make use of this concept.

This is not only to determine what color is painted an environment, or what kind of upholstery that will suit, the first is to meet the needs and habits of the people or businesses that refer to, and get the result you want.

With these priorities begins an interior-decorating project, the spaces are the most important and the final concepts are suitable for makeup model to follow.


Sometimes in structural works we work together with technicians, architects or engineers, trying to avoid interferences and duplicated functions, and economize costs.

The site management is "in situ" and in the workshops of the different industrialists involved. If the project is structural, management is joint with the technicians involved.

Regarding the management of budgets, our policy is aimed at establishing contact or contacts, depending on the request of the client and informing to the possible supplier of materials prescribed; once received the materials for the client, he will decide the most appropriate, the billing is direct between client and supplier. We are involved in trade negotiations.


Project analysis
Distributions of area - alternatives
Showing the most important
Selection with client
Project on floor
Systems projetcs
Domotics if it's necessary
General Sections
Elevations and details
Lighting study and lists and dossier of images
Plumbing, lists and dossier of images
Technical memorandums ordered by jobs
Environment perspectives
Management of budgets if it's necessary



During 30 years we've been developing this activity, interior architecture, in all its aspects following a line of teamwork, analyzing the different techniques existing in the market and trying to drive the environment to a better result.

With broad experience in this field, we've established continuity that supposes that we are up to date with materials and products.

Our study/office is located in the center of Barcelona.


OUTSIDE (gardens, landscapes designs)
INSIDE (houses, apartments, lofts, flats)
Commercial (bars, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, shops, offices,...)
We mend, organize and coordinate, transforming them in comfortable places, practical and nice, where you can live and relax or work with more efficacy and efficiency.
Our projects are located around Spain, standing out The Balear Irelands: Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca.



It's the space where the people who live there must feel the maximum confort, in all its versions, you have to know how many people will live there, their habits, routines and where its located, in order to design areas with sintony, to elect textures, materials, lighting, furniture and other complements, creating armonic, versatiles and agils atmospheres:

Single family home usually with garden where we can apply the different thecniques mentioned above.

Offices/Study where you can work and live in the same area, it's important to separate this functions when it's necessary.

Apartments, are small areas with two functions, as a main house or as a vacational.

Loft, it's an area recovered from an ancient industrial zone where you can distribute the space without physical obstacles, it could be a space to work too.

The “flat and the other kind” of homes its analyzed from all their dimensions in order to provide of functionality and service to the comfort of the use.


It is essential to meet the client, and it's important to know that every space has a public area and a service area. It may include areas of ideal way to take care of themselves without being in discomfort and give it a different touch to attract the attention of the client, with adornment, furniture and lighting in line with each environment. We must also see the corporate image of the company. Incorporate chill out areas is important in public and private environments, chill out environment invites to relaxation, in group or alone, and facilitates social interaction.

The tourism sector: apartments, houses and hotels, city hotels, holiday clubs should be functional, comfortable, bright and with a touch of class at the same time.

At Environments of restaurants, pubs, cafes, restaurants, it is appropriate to give them identity, working spaces, and the lighting and decoration making them versatile to combine activities at different times of the day.

Sales areas (fruit, fashion boutiques, bakeries, grocery stores) should be designed to bring back the attention of the buyer so that's causing the examination of the product.

In the health sector (dental clinics, doctors' offices, veterinary clinics) aimed at a specific audience, where discretion is very important, priority should be given to areas of waiting patients can relax.

In the sector of consultancies, offices, technical offices, in addition to areas of care and waiting is important to have meeting rooms, where you feel a differential treatment and discreet. .


It is an adaptation of nature to our needs. After ordering space for gardening, it is important to consider the cost of conservation that wants to give the customer, the lighting, areas of water or fountains if they want; for these reasons, there are many combinations to do, as made with native plants, which facilitates the maintenance, renovation and water saving, this type of garden is most often applied because plants, are adapted to the environment, grow and regenerate themselves, facilitating the work and reducing maintenance.

The Japanese garden, which can be completely minimalist and with natural elements (such as stones and logs dry) or a combination of natural elements and plants, natural ponds with water lilies, bonsai plants (which may be local ); the latter may become a hobby if the owner has this hobby, or likes relaxing and tidy spaces.

You can study the combination of plants and artificial elements, such as synthetic grass, good material and currently redeemable reached regarding work and water consumption; or the exotic and sophisticated garden, this one requires more care and conservation and involves the introduction of alien species.


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